'Don't be silly they said'

Just like Mary Poppins, our aim with personalisation is to be practically perfect in every way and we've come a long way since the family wedding that kickstarted the whole idea.  As a songwriter what could be a better gift than a song written exclusively for the happy couple?!

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Suddenly the gift that cost nothing turned out to be the most 'thoughtful, heartfelt present ever'.  Cue the lightbulb moment and Melodoo was born.  Off we set...combining creativity and technology was our happy ever after and personalising the c**p out of it was our number one priority.  

Some people think if you stick a name at the front of a video then it's personalised.  For the record, none of these people work at Melodoo.  For us, personalisation means truly acknowledging the individual and hopefully leaving them with a smile on their face. 


This is what Melodoo strives towards achieving every single day, 24/7!


Tom Mitchell,

Founder of Melodoo


Here at Melodoo HQ we're one big family.  We laugh, cry (that's mainly Andrew) and nothing would ever get finished if one of us ran off to Bali!  We're more transparent than a squeaky clean window, bringing skills that have been perfected over years of practice.  That is what enables us to give our clients a truly bespoke experience resulting in an unrivalled product which surpasses their expectations each and every time.

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Founder & CEO

Tom started his career in the music industry starting as an engineer assistant for the band Genesis.  He went on to engineer for many well known acts including Queen, Travis and Ringo Starr.  Dedicating more of his time to writing he signed a publishing deal with Universal Music in 2011 where he wrote and produced for artists such as Ed Sheeran, the Vamps and Matt Cardle.  Melodoo is the love child of Tom's two favourite and creativity.  If he's not working on Melodoo then the chances are he's having some existential discussion on the meaning of life or he's making a seriously cool den with his nieces.



After graduating from Cambridge in 1994, Andrew’s experiences have been with companies big and small: from being the first employee at a startup in the earliest days of the web (Horsesmouth) to leading product management for all of NOW TV's websites and server platforms.  Andrew controls all aspects of the technology within Melodoo and although some would say he's an all out genius he still often loses as Monopoly cards.  Andrew is a keen cyclist switching between a competition one weekend to a post night out zig zag marathon around Hackney (Strava can verify this the next day).


Product Lead

When people talk about having more creativity in one's pinky than in someone else's entire body, they're probably talking about Ruby.  An eagle eye for detail combined with an effortless supply of wacky ideas means that Ruby continues to deliver even when everyone else has gone to bed.  Ruby is the brain child of many of Melodoo's campaigns and she offsets this use of energy with a (more than occasional) Deliveroo of a KFC mega bucket...  It's often said that yoga keeps her nimble and Netflix keeps her entertained.

Tom K.jpeg

Senior Post Production

Tom has spent more than a decade writing, playing, engineering, producing music of some form.  An incredible musician with a unique outlook on execution means that Tom will deliver projects in a way that most people would think weren't possible.  Melodoo strives for perfection in all of its audio needs and Tom is at the helm of making sure it's achieved.  His pro tools skills are like a marvel action movie and it's been said he can splice a waveform just with the power of thought.  No one can deny that Tom loves a good walk, sometimes even packing a sandwich or two just to make sure he's covered for the 10 or 15 miles he regular partakes in.  He's well versed in a good pint of ale and can shred guitar with best of them.


Chief Visual Designer

Harry has been working in design and motion graphics since the beginning of time (perhaps a slight exaggeration).  He would probably consider Adobe his greatest friend and together they churn out an endless supply of incredible design and video.  In charge of the design and visual team at Melodoo, Harry prides himself on being a ruddy nice guy and believes the best design always goes hand in hand with the message it's trying to portray in the first place.  Harry loves a marathon, even when he stupidly decided to do the Great Wall of China dressed as Super Mario.  He survived though and has a great video to show to his grandkids one day.


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