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For a Limited Time, we've Dropped our Prices Exclusively for NHL Teams

Our platform automatically generates and delivers personalized birthday videos to every fan throughout the season.


Melodoo enabled us to engage with our fans in a new, truly personalized manner and the results speak for themselves. The feedback has been fantastic, and our fans have been sharing their videos across social

A Premier League London Football club

Packages Available

The 'Rookie' Package

A personalised birthday video for every fan








Dynamic videos unique to every club member for the entire year.

Personalization of member name and birthday and linked to marketing CRM.

Creation & design of video template representing look and feel of the club. 

Bespoke music track with sound design to boost fan experience.

Video's delivered through email with generated personalized thumbnails.

Automatic video generation throughout the season using Melodoo's API.

Up to 10,000 generations each month

*Paid four months in advance

The 'Contender' Package

Advanced personalised features create a unique fan experience








All Rookie features plus

Advanced personalization

linking the fans' birthday to specific memorable club moments.

Dynamic creative assets that automatically change depending on the fans birthday

Up to 50,000 generations each month

*Paid four months in advance

The 'MVP' Package

The most personalised digital birthday fan experience

Contact us for a bespoke package to suit your requirements

All Contender features plus

Advanced dynamic audio including bespoke voice-over, personalizing the members birthday with memorable club moments

Season updates to team and player changes.

Unlimited generations each month

Increase your Fan Engagement in the most memorable way possible

From a Premier League London Football club


Melodoo Music Ltd - Copyright 2022

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