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Audio advertising, radio in its simplest form, seems like it often gets a bad rep. People think its 'old school' and the advertising world claimed it was dying. But like a lot of technologies in the modern world, perhaps it was more about the need to change and adapt rather than bury and forget.

Digital radio, podcasts and the rise of voice-enabled devices like Amazon's echo means audio is everywhere which means so is opportunity. Spotify’s global head of Ad Product & Partner Sales, Les Hollander said " the fact that people now listen to music on a range of devices has changed the way we consume media. 61% of UK adults regularly listen to podcasts while 40% of UK households will own an echo by 2018”.

Spotify’s head of programmatic for Europe, Zuzanna Broadbent says "the way people are consuming voice today and specifically when streaming is a really intimate personal experience especially with headphones. Unlike traditional radio, where it will just sit on your kitchen counter and play in the background, your voice experience is something that you’re really emotionally engaged in. This enables the brand to reach out and have a personal relationship.”

So how does a brand rethink and develop an audio strategy for today?

3 key things to make sure you achieve

Make sure your ads are reaching the right audiences

An ad for a mobile app gets delivered to babyboomers or an ad for a rock concert that's delivered to pop fans, at the end of the day the content has to be relevant to the intended audience. If you can't get that right then it doesn't really matter how good the actual ad is.

Don't be boring!

If you do only have a pair of ears to entertain then you gotta be creative. Thinking outside the box and evoking emotion is essential. Your message needs to be clear and quick which although is a challenge in itself, can also be an advantage if you're the brand making unique exciting content alongside your competitors. Personalisation should play a big part with the ability to now target ads specifically to certain audiences.

Have a Call To Action

At the end of the ad stick an obvious call of action in place, a special offer, somewhere to visit, look at. If you've created an entertaining informative ad then your listener is now primed and ready to receive instructions on what to do next so make sure you answer that for them. Probably best not to rely on a savvy listener who decides to go off and create their own call to action based on what they heard, these listeners are as common as penguin sunbathing in the Sahara.

So get out there and start delivering your brand message through the gloriousness of sound!

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