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With an ever-growing array of marketing opportunities across mobile, social, and web, it’s almost impossible to anticipate the next significant trends in video advertising. Although, as video is becoming more prominent across mobile, it’s never been more important to keep updated on this adaptable and captivating content format.

Thankfully, we’ve collated four critical video advertising trends to watch out for in 2018:

Shorter Video Advertisements

Historically, Video marketing has been dominated by 15-30 second video ads but recently there’s been a substantial increase in the popularity of shorter video content. Companies have realized that it was more effective to run shorter mobile video ads on platforms like Instagram to accommodate user attention spans. Even Facebook now suggests that “mobile video works best when it’s 15 seconds or less”.

Deeper Personalisation

Personalisation allows incorporation of your brand’s values in a memorable and engaging way, which has proven to increase customer loyalty and retention. More meaningful and detailed personalisation also offers a great opportunity to increase click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR).

User Generated Content

This type of content allows customers to feel more directly involved in the brands they use. Customers who interact with a brand are motivated to inform their peers by sharing their experiences. A community aspect of creating content also comes with an invaluable level of authenticity

Better influencer campaigns

It’s evident that Social Media has radically altered the balance of power between customers and brands. The growth of influencer market has been explosive as brands look to leverage this change. Influencer campaigns are becoming increasingly ever-present with everyone from Love Island Contestants to ESports champions getting involved.

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