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Getting customers to pay attention to an advertisement on the first viewing is extremely challenging. This is demonstrated in the growth of ad blockers, and the low completion rates of video ads as people gravitate towards to the skip button.

Personalization can alleviate these issues by providing information and products that are relevant to the viewer. Additionally, personalisation can be utilized to create a mesmerizing, enthralling customer experience that feels authentic and trustworthy.

Research from Adlucent found that potential customers were almost twice as likely to click through for an ad featuring an unknown brand if the ad was tailored to their preferences. Fundamentally, personalization offers an ingenious way to draw customers to content that they wouldn’t otherwise view.

Web-based Widgets created by Melodoo offer customers the ability to influence the personalisation by clicking through, a process that a recent Ad Week survey states will cause 48% of individuals to spend more time interacting with the content.

It’s also apparent that consumers are becoming more receptive to personalized advertising, with a recent Adobe survey even finding that 78% of users like them. Mckinsey also recently concluded that personalisation can deliver five to eight times the ROI and boost sales by at least 10%.

Companies’ adapting their message to accommodate different individuals is common practice but now technology allows for in-depth, meaningful personalisation on a mass scale. This personalisation, when combined with engaging lyricism and visuals, can prove to be an engaging, effective and essential tool.

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